How to Write a Creative Brief for Projects


Writing a creative brief is a process that determines the strength of a business foundation. To write a creative brief, it is important for one to stay focused, have knowledge on how to do it right, and be able to meet strict deadlines. A good creative brief is written with the observation of the following:

Discussion with a client

A client will want his/her wishes met. So, it is important as a planner to retrieve any information that is required for the project by arranging to have a one-on-one discussion.

Jot every detail on paper

Write everything on paper! This could be your initial thoughts or the clients. The aim of doing this is to cut costs of the project, timeline or anything that can possibly hinder and deter the project brief.

Organize your thoughts

Now that you have collected every detail of what the brief entails, it’s time to put the details to something sensible. Creative briefs have similar commonalities, but each one of them is different from another. Notably, creative briefs share a similar outline that includes: Background, Target audience, Objectives, et cetera.

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Focus on writing the Single Minded Proposition (SMP)

A single minded proposition is the strategy that points you and your team towards the right direction of the project. Make good use of the team you have to get opinions on how to achieve the objectives of the brief.

Simplify the brief

Once you have the summed up discussion on paper, it’s time to cut down unnecessary information. The aim of a creative brief is not to showcase the amount of data you have collected. It should be simple and to the point. You can use the other information to support your creative brief.

Get feedback and ask questions

Since you will likely be working with a creative director, take feedback about the project and ask questions. This helps in regaining direction in case anything goes wrong.

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