How to write a thesis statement


How to write a thesis statement

A thesis statement is an important part of writing a persuasive paper as it tells the reader how the writer interprets the significance of a particular subject matter being discussed. The arguments and/or the points that the writer wishes to make in a piece of writing should be conveyed to the reader through a strong thesis statement. It could also be said that a thesis statement acts as a road map for the reader as it tells the direction of the writer’s analysis or argument as well as how the importance of the topic is interpreted. There are various ways of writing a strong thesis statement.

Effective ways to write Thesis

To begin with, a thesis statement must be stated correctly: Stating the thesis correctly accomplishes the role of telling what the entire paper is about. The thesis statement must be an assertion rather than an observation or a fact. The writer must also take a stand in the thesis statement as it announces his/her position towards a particular subject.

Get the tone/sound right: in order to make a thesis statement identifiable, the writer should use explicit kinds of words and phrasing, and a precise tone. The writer should use words and language that is definitive and firm such as due to because, and so on.

Appropriately positioning the thesis statement in a paper; Because of the introductory role that a thesis statement plays in a paper, it should appear at the paper’s first paragraph. It can appear at the end of the paragraph or somewhere else in the first paragraph.

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The writer should also ensure that the thesis statement is narrow: a strong thesis statement should be limited to about two or so statements in length. This can be achieved by making thesis statements clear, precise, and to-the-point. This will help the reader identify the subject and the direction of a paper, as well as the writer’s position in relation to the subject.

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