Should Tutors Have a Special Dressing Code?


The debate about whether tutors should have a particular dress code is never-ending. Some people think that having a uniform will be an excellent example for the students. On the other hand, people who are against the idea argue that there write essay for you should be a distinction between the teacher and the student to attract respect.

All these points are valid. However, it is always good to have some form of order in any institution of learning.

Reasons why Tutors should have a Dress code?

Most people will see a uniform for tutors as a way of belittling the teacher, but sometimes it is just a form of order. Here are reasons for tutors to have a dress code

  • For Easy Recognition

When you go to any school, you will automatically pick out the students because of the uniform. It makes it easy to spot them at any part of the school, therefore making it easy to monitor them. Tutors, on the other hand, are very hard to find. Numerous people are working in the school as janitors, cooks, treasurers, and even administrators.

When you want to talk to the teacher, you won’t know who is who if they do not have anything to distinguish them. For a new student, it would be almost impossible to pick out the tutors who do not come to their class.

  • To Act as Role Models

Most students do not understand why they have to wear a uniform. In colleges, students will never fully embrace the culture of wearing uniforms because they feel like they are old enough to make their own dressing choices. If tutors were to have a dress code as well, students would feel more comfortable and confident to wear their uniforms.

The students hold their tutors in very high regard. They emulate them in many ways before they can find their way. A uniform for tutors would act as a symbol of mentorship to the students.

  • For Order in Schools

When a school does not monitor how tutors dress, it means that they can come to work dressed the way they want. That may not be appropriate in an environment with students who need to be moulded in a certain way.

When there is a particular dress code that is allowed for tutors, there is order and organization in that school. It also prevents ridiculous outfits that do not portray one as a tutor. On the same line, it also boosts the image of the school and attracts proper attention.

  • Equality

Dress codes are also a way of classifying people into different social statuses. Even tutors come from different backgrounds. Some are stylish with an expensive taste, while others are just simple. That could affect how students view their tutors. They may respect some and disrespect others based on how they dress.

Does Tutors Dress Code have an Impact on Students?

When the dress code for tutors is standardized, all tutors are accorded the same respect. They will only be judged based on how they perform in their job.

It may not sit well with most people, but having a particular dress code for tutors is an excellent way to ensure that a school is orderly and functional.